Cats hate water - this is a well-known truth. Most purrs can hardly tolerate water procedures: someone indulgently endures them out of love for their
In the summer of 2018, Russia is crazy about football. Still, in our country for the first time, the world championship is held for this game, which m
Living on an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea and becoming a “cat mom” (or “dad”) for fifty-five mustachioed striped. Really, is it very
Climbing trees is one of the favorite activities of cats. We can say, the conquest of the heights - they have it from nature. But what if the cat live
While we are arguing in Russia whether the pension reform in the country is fair and what professions are suitable for older people, American pensione
The Botanical Garden of Moscow State University is a unique place. And not only because the Pharmaceutical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in th
The winners of the most prestigious film awards in the world have just been named in the USA. Oscar for Best Actor went to Remy Malek, who played Fred