Climbing trees is one of the favorite activities of cats. We can say, the conquest of the heights – they have it from nature. But what if the cat lives in an ordinary apartment? Where to get trees on which you can hone your skill as a climber? It only remains that to climb the curtains and wardrobes…

“Well, no,” decided the artist, sculptor, and puppeteer Robert Rogalsky, “since it has historically been that cats certainly need trees, then that’s how it should be!” In the house of his friends, Rob created a fabulous tree, which, as you know, the owner cat instantly fell in love with.

Fantastic trees are not the first miracle created by Robert. He was born in a rural area in western New York and since childhood has been fascinated by books about enchanted worlds – like the hobbit saga. Children’s love did not pass, and today Rogalski creates figures of bizarre fairy-tale characters. And of course, “cat” trees, which cat lovers love to purchase for their pets.

“For cat trees, as well as for other hard objects, such as furniture, I first make a wooden frame, then sheathe it with cut-out blanks from the foam of the desired shape, and then cover them with pulp mixed with wood glue, and sometimes fiberglass, although I honestly don’t like him, ”Rogalsky says. “The design is solid and durable.”

Strong, durable, but not at all cheap: the minimum price of such a tree is $ 4,000, and this is not counting the materials that the customer also needs to pay for.

However, the artist has a lot of orders. Indeed, we all love our cats so much…

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