Christmas tree, cat and New Year

There are only a few days left until the New Year. Many are already getting ready for the holiday: they buy new outfits, register in beauty salons, buy gifts and products for the New Year’s table. And someone even managed to dress up a Christmas tree. And this is the main question for every cat man: to be or not to be? That is, dress up or not dress up? On the one hand, cats, of course, adore Christmas trees.

And sometimes they even decorate them with themselves…

On the other hand, many people know that the tree and the cat are not, so to speak, concepts that are always compatible. And just because (see above) cats love Christmas trees. Sometimes too much!

However, the Christmas tree, which could not withstand the onslaught of feline and love, and appeared on the floor – this, of course, is a nuisance, but it does not matter. Misfortune can happen if your pet decides to gnaw a garland, swallow a Christmas tree “rain”, or simply hurt a leg with a broken toy. But on New Year’s Eve, I don’t feel like sad things! Therefore, here are some ridiculous “ideas” for those who care about their mustachioed-striped and at the same time believe that the New Year without a Christmas tree is not a New Year.

Design decision. How do you like it?

If there is no designer furniture, but you want a Christmas tree, the cage will help …! Nothing that is a little gloomy, but reliable :).

Hide and pack – not your way? Try the exotic: palm tree! The idea is interesting but hardly viable: did the cats promise not to climb palm trees?

But this, it seems to us, is very elegant. Christmas tree panel, if you are an artist in your soul.

The next way is harsh. The one who invented it, as if hints to his cat: “Do not get involved in this New Year’s story, everyone will be calmer!”

For those who are ready for anything for their pet. Even compromises.

And finally, the most radical way! If you tried everything else …

Friends, with this comic post, we wanted to cheer you up on the eve of the holidays and once again remind you: we are responsible for those we tamed.

Happy New Year to you and your cats, cats, and kittens!

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