The Botanical Garden of Moscow State University is a unique place. And not only because the Pharmaceutical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in the country, founded by Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th century, and not even because it is a famous historical and cultural monument and a monument of landscape gardening.

The garden is also unique in that it is ruled by … a cat. No, officially the post of director of the Pharmaceutical Garden is held by Alexei Retyum, a famous and respected person. But employees often admit that the main thing here is the HCC, the Main Flower Cat.

A handsome black man with white marks has been living in the Pharmaceutical Garden since 2005. According to the official version, he (as, incidentally, other cats living in the garden) originates from the cats of Peter the Great – the very ones that lived behind the Sukharev Tower at a time when the first Russian emperor ordered to set up a garden here for growing medicinal plants. That is why the Main Flower Cat is called only His Flower Majesty.

Royal cats have been living in the Pharmaceutical Garden for the fourth century. True, they behave differently, and not always in accordance with their august origin. Sometimes they even behave indecently! For example, in 2016, a black cat and a tortie cat destroyed an entire crop of bananas. The staff laid the pulp of fruit with seeds on the dish and left to dry in the Subtropical greenhouse. But, apparently, the overseas delicacy came to the taste of the impudent cat-couple …

A year earlier, because of the abnormally warm winter, cats literally settled … guess where? Of course, in the garden with valerian! Apparently, they decided that spring came earlier than usual.

But His Flower Majesty really differs in regal manners. For example, she likes to dine in a restaurant.

Employees of the cat adore: the passage to literally all rooms is open to him. Even at the cash register. There is evidence that the HCC has its own doctor and even a stylist, and he eats according to a specially developed diet. I must say that these statements are very similar to the truth: the main cat of the Pharmaceutical Garden looks very well-groomed!

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