Like Tom and Jerry, only peacefully

Everyone knows that cats and rodents do not get along with each other. This is quite natural because, for centuries, seals have helped people in the fight against mice and rats – in fact, for the sake of this, people have tamed them. About the endless pursuit of cats for mice, they tell stories, write pictures, compose fairy tales, make films. And even cartoons – for example, the well-known animated series “Tom and Jerry”, where the unfortunate cat Tom has been unable to cope with the harmful and nimble mouse Jerry for many, many episodes.

It is this cartoon that most resembles the Instagram of one American family, in the house of which live a Galaxy cat and Bernie’s rat (or rather, rats). They are the main characters of this Instagram series: the owners of Galaxy and Bernie are not tired of uploading the cutest photos and videos about the life of their pets to the Network. Dear ones, because, unlike Tom and Jerry, the tailed inhabitants of a New York apartment do not quarrel, but, on the contrary, live peacefully and happily.

This is the Galaxy.

And this is Bernie.

And they are together.

This idyll has been going on in this house for two years. At first, only Galaxy lived here, and then its owners decided to have another pet. People were very worried about how the kitty would accept the new tenant: would he not be jealous and would not even see “prey” in him.

But nothing happened. Contrary to stereotypes, Galaxy did not even try to arrange a hunt for a small competitor, but took it under her guardianship and began to raise it like her own kitten.

Of course, animals play “cat and mouse,” but when Galaxy manages to catch a rat, the thing always ends with hugs.

Galaxy and Bernie recently starred in a video for an animal project. In just a week, this video was watched by 9.5 million users.

As you can see, animals often behave quite differently from how we humans are used to thinking about them. And this is wonderful!

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