Made for each other

“Will they get along?” Will they play together? Will our cat offend the unborn baby? And when the child grows up, will he already torment and torment the pet? ” Thousands of families went through these questions. A child and a cat living in the house at the same time are the main concern and main anxiety of many parents.

But, as it turns out, anxieties are often in vain! Practice shows that little men and mustachioed-striped coexist perfectly with each other. Even if the cat’s reaction is at first a little wary…

…very soon, he realizes that in the presence of a new family member it is better to tiptoe!

But then comes the real idyll.

Kids initially perceive cats as something unusual, unusual…

It is very important that parents immediately make it clear: there is no danger, you are under our protection, they love you! And then the delight of the baby simply will not have a limit. This video has collected many views on the Internet. Seeing how this child rejoices at the cat, it is simply impossible not to smile!

Real cat worms know for sure: children and cats are friends for life!

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