“Main cats” and their famous friends

In the Northern capital, a unique cat exhibition called “The Main Seals of St. Petersburg” has opened. Only this time it is not everyone’s favorite “noble collection” of cats, cats and kittens of various breeds, but a photo exhibition. It started on November 6 in Europe’s first “Republic of Cats” coffee shop on 10 Yakubovich Street and will be working for at least another month.

What is the uniqueness of the exhibition? First, by persons – persons of people. Because the heroes of the portraits made by the remarkable photo artist Daniil Rabovsky were famous residents of the city on the Neva. They are very different, but they all have one thing in common – well, of course, love for cats!

Have you ever seen such a shocking frontman of the Leningrad group Sergey Shnurov?

And this charming camper is a well-known St. Petersburg art critic, head of the Hermitage’s department of contemporary art, Dmitry Ozerkov.

Alexander Nevzorov, the famous television journalist, the legend of the domestic screen, as it turns out, knows how to not only “burn with a verb”, but also … hug the whiskered-striped! Communicating with cats, Alexander Glebovich is literally melting :).

The association of informal artists “Mitki” has been known for more than thirty years, and so far beyond the borders of St. Petersburg. The main Mityok Dmitry Shagin is also for cats!

The Main Seals of St. Petersburg is a joint project of the cats café and the State Hermitage. Its purpose is to draw the attention of citizens to the problems of homeless animals. The organizers dream that the action will grow into a real city flash mob for “domesticating” cats from St. Petersburg shelters.

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