In the summer of 2018, Russia is crazy about football. Still, in our country for the first time, the world championship is held for this game, which many call the most popular in the whole world. 11 cities, 12 stadiums, thousands of fans, millions of television viewers, as well as the most famous football players of the world and their dizzying feints, accurate passes and bright goals … All this is here, in Russia!

However, even these days, Russians do not forget about their other great love – cats! After all, as you know, it is our country that is considered the “world champion” in love for the mustachioed-striped. So football is football, and no one canceled seals. On the contrary, our beloved cats perfectly fit into the general football atmosphere and even occupy high lines in the ratings of news from the World Cup.

So, for example, in St. Petersburg on the eve of the championship, they installed 32 – by the number of participating teams of the tournament – bright and cheerful feline figures in human height. At first, soccer-cats were grouped in the center of the Northern capital and then dispersed throughout the city. In St. Petersburg, they even came up with a quest called “My Love – Football and the Cat”, the participants of which must find all 32 figures and take pictures with each cat. For this, curious cat fans even rely on football prizes!

Predictive cats, who are said to know how to predict the results of matches, do not leave television screens and monitors. First of all, this, of course, is the official oracle of the championship – the white cat Achilles from the Hermitage. He was even given the uniform of the Russian team!

But competitors, as usual, are not asleep! So Achilles got a rival – a cat named Kes, who lives in one of the bars of Ryazan. Employees of the institution claim that their favorite correctly named the winners in the matches Switzerland – Serbia, Croatia – Argentina, Spain – Iran, and Russia – Egypt. How did you choose? In the same way as Achilles: two bowls of food were placed in front of the cat, each of which was decorated with the flag of the participating country of the match. According to Ryazans, Kesa’s forecasts come true 100%!

Another rival cat-oracle was discovered in Yekaterinburg. Syama, as the tailed soothsayer is called, is distinguished not only by the gift of foresight but also by her tremendous faith in the Russian team. So, before the match with Saudi Arabia, Syama accurately guessed the winner. And even before the game with the Spaniards, she predicted a victory for the Russians, moreover, with a score of 2: 1. The score, as you know, in the end, turned out to be a little different, but the fact that our players managed to beat the formidable Spanish team is an indisputable fact!

However, cats are not only able to foretell the results of the games, they themselves – what other fans! Do not believe it? Watch the video where a cat dressed in a Colombian national team shirt shouts with his master: “Goooal!” Well, or trying to scream…

There is still time before the end of the World Cup. And if you suddenly notice that your pet really wants to watch football with you and generally shows all the signs of a football fan, do not bother him! In the end, even the largest football tournament will ever end. And the cats will stay with us!

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