Next of kin

Of course, every fan of mustachioed-striped has the knowledge that the cat’s Universe is not only cute domestic cats, but also many of their brothers who are not so much like them. The cat family has four genera and as many as 37 species – and these are just the main ones! Here, for example, are just some of them.

Cat Temminka. She, of course, knows how to climb trees, but prefers to move on the ground. Despite their solid size – about 90 cm in length – these cats are quite shy, but at the same time, as a rule, “walk on their own”, that is, lead a solitary lifestyle. The habitat of the cat Temminka – tropical forests of Southeast Asia. In this region, in particular, in Thailand, there is a legend that once such a cat managed to defeat the tiger itself! Since then, a piece of Temminka cat hair has been considered a reliable amulet that protects predators from attack.

Margay, or Long-tailed cat. This is a rare, “Red Book” animal: Margay is endangered. Their habitat is South and Central America: Guyana, Uruguay, Belize, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, northern Colombia, Peru, northern and eastern Paraguay, northern Argentina. Margay got his second name – a long-tailed cat thanks to, as you know, the length of his tail: it reaches 40 cm with a total body length of 80 cm. The weight of this cat is also impressive – up to 8 kg.

Marble cat. Even more “tailed” representative of the cat family. The length of her tail (50 cm) is almost equal to the length of her body (60 cm). It lives in the territory of Southeast Asia in tropical forests and therefore excellently climbs trees. The diet of its diet is made up of small rodents, birds, and insects. A noteworthy fact: despite its small size, a marble cat is genetically closer to large cats. Yes, tigers and lions themselves!

Andean cat. A fairly large representative of the cat family: weight up to 70 kg, body length – up to 70 cm. Andean cats live in South America, in remote places of the Andes mountain range. That is why they remain hardly the least studied species of the family – for many years they were even considered a legend, and only a couple of decades ago the first video appeared, from which one can judge the shape of the Andean cat. The rarest feline species in South America.

A rusty, or spotty red cat. And this, on the contrary, is the smallest representative of the cat family, at least in Asia. It weighs no more than one and a half kilograms and lives only in India and Sri Lanka. There are very few of these beauties in the world – no more than ten thousand adults.

Black-footed cat. This “little cat” lives in Africa, in the desert southern regions. Like a rusty cat, it weighs on average no more than one and a half kilograms. However, the modest size does not prevent her from being an excellent hunter with an excellent appetite: it is not the small inhabitants of the desert – hares and even antelopes – that become her prey.

Jaguarundi. Beautiful name, isn’t it? Some time ago, these animals were isolated in a separate genus Herpailurus, but subsequently, a close relationship with cougars was revealed, and now the jaguarundi is referred to the genus Puma. A very large cat weighing up to 9 kg, living in South and Central America – in the savannahs, tropical rain forests and even in the mountains, at an altitude of more than 3,000 m above sea level. That is, jaguarundi easily adapts to any living conditions, lead a mostly solitary lifestyle.

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