While we are arguing in Russia whether the pension reform in the country is fair and what professions are suitable for older people, American pensioners have already decided on the “business of their future life”. At least two of them will definitely not disappear even at a very advanced age! And the thing is that these two gentlemen in full bloom love cats.

Randall Kolb, 65, Louisiana is a professional cat rescuer. More precisely – a professional “tree shooter.” It was this noble cause that Mr. Kolb took up when he became a pensioner.

The first on the track record of the newly minted Superman was his own cat. He climbed a tree and could not get down from it on his own. Having “killed” two days in search of a climber, Rondall decided that he could handle it himself. And managed. Since then, he has been helping pets in difficult situations – more than one hundred and fifty cats have been saved by him. By the way, Kolb does not charge for his work, because he does it not for the sake of profit, but because of His infinite love for cats: “I can’t see how they suffer. Cats can not always get off the tree themselves. Moreover, not all owners have the opportunity to pay, so I always refuse to pay. ”

Terry Lurman, 75. Professional “lullaby for cats.” We are serious! After becoming a pensioner, a former Spanish teacher does not mess around: he became an employee of a mini-shelter for cats. This shelter is special: animals that the former owners cruelly treated, as well as the “wild ones” get there.

It is clear that for full rehabilitation such cats need as much affection, care and human participation as possible. Thanks to this, the animals “thaw”, again become affectionate, after which they are given to new families. And you can show this participation in different ways: feed the pets, pet them or… sleep next to them.

Do you know how sweet cats sleep next to a man who loves them? Mr. Lurman became such a person for the “pupils” of the shelter. Photos posted on the Internet of his grandfather, sleeping peacefully next to his whiskered-striped friends, instantly became viral. But users of social networks expressed their affection for this picture not only with “likes”: in just two days more than 30 thousand dollars of donations in favor of the shelter were collected.

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