Seals are an art: from Ancient Egypt to pop art

Veselka Velinova from Bulgaria loves cats. “But who does not love them!” “You say, and you will, of course, be right.” And Veselka loves to draw, and this is also understandable because she is a professional artist. What style does she draw? Yes in the most different! Especially when he creates cat portraits. Veselka has already managed to draw her favorites in twelve very different styles.

Let’s start with Ancient Egypt. As you know, cats were not just loved there – they were truly deified. Why is there no reason to create a cat painting in the style of an ancient Egyptian papyrus?

Or in the style of traditional Japanese painting?

So, probably, Vincent van Gogh could draw a kitten. Maybe this is the continuation of the story about Starry Night: as you remember, this is one of the most famous paintings of the great post-impressionist. But in general, nothing special: just a cat who fell asleep in a haystack on a starry night :).

This video talks about the legendary work “Kiss”, which Gustav Klimt created in the “golden” period of his work.

And these are Klimt-style cats. Really cute?

What would a cat look like if it were written by Pablo Picasso? Bulgarian cat lover believes that this portrait could be like this:

Of course, it’s not very similar to The Girl on the Ball, but the portrait of Ambroise Vollard, businessman and painting dealer, painted by Picasso in 1910, is quiet. This style is called “cubism”, however, at the time of the creation of the portrait of Volar, such a term did not exist.

What about abstract cats? Perhaps Vasily Kandinsky could have liked it!

Why not go further and dream up how impressionist painters would draw a cat? All these men, Monet and so on? 🙂

This style is called “naturalism.”

In the paintings of Marc Chagall, people fly. In the painting by Veselka Velinova, written in the style of Marc Chagall, cats fly. It seems to us that this is great, and you?

And finally, together with the artist, we’ll try to imagine what the cats of the future might look like. Maybe so?

However, it is unlikely. Let’s hope that our beloved cats, cats and kittens, and after thousands of years, will retain their appearance and remain as cute and fluffy as they are today…

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