The most round * cat in Russia

A cat in boots, Garfield, a cat from Shrek, a cat-squirrel, a cat-chipmunk … As soon as this charming red cat is not called! In fact, his name is Hosico, and he lives quite happily with his masters in Moscow.

People Hoshiko assure that he was incredibly sweet and charming since his “childhood”. That is why they started a “personal” Instagram for their favorite, where they are happy to post photos and videos.

According to the owners of Hoshiko, he loves to climb into boxes and vases, play with branches, laces and tennis balls – he likes these “toys” much more than store ones.

Needless to say, Scottish fold kittens are really solid mimimi. But growing up, they manage to keep all their grace. This is easy to see by looking at Hoshiko at least once.

Because then you will definitely look at him a second time!

Most likely, you even subscribe to cat Instagram. This is almost inevitable because Hoshiko’s account has more than a million subscribers! According to this indicator, he is recognized as the most popular cat in Russia :). And the most round. Although…

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