The winners of the most prestigious film awards in the world have just been named in the USA. Oscar for Best Actor went to Remy Malek, who played Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. For us, this is another reason to remember the legendary Queen frontman and his great love, because Freddie was one of the most famous cat-lovers in the history of mankind!

This lifelong love began back in the 70s, when Mary Austin, Freddie’s girlfriend, bought them two fluffier. Cats were named, of course, Tom and Jerry. When the musician went on tour, he often called his seals. Really! Freddie asked Mary to bring Tom and Jerry to the phone so that he could chat with them.

It is said that during the life of Mercury he had about ten cats. He bought toys for his favorites and ordered expensive high-quality food from Germany because in the UK there was no such thing at that time. And also, he made sure that every cat received gifts for Christmas …

Many cats came to Freddy from the shelters. “In the UK there is a charity organization, the Blue Cross, whose activities are aimed at treating sick animals. He definitely took at least two cats from there, ” said Jackie Smith, the head of the official Queen Fan Club.

But the main cat in the life of a rock star, his “princess” was Delilah (or Delilah). She dedicated the song, which is called – “Delilah”. The composition was included on the album “Innuendo”, the last that Freddie recorded with the group. The song says that Delilah became the mistress in the house of the musician, and this was true. “This cat had a character, she was a real lady. Someone considered her a hooligan, someone was funny, but she always got on her knees to Freddy first, ” recalled fans of the musician and his close friend Jim Hatton.

Well, Freddy’s solo album “Mr. Bad Guy ” was dedicated to his cat Jerry and the rest of the pussies, as well as“ to all cat lovers in the universe. ”

It is symbolic that in his last portrait Freddy is wearing a vest with cats. This is a gift from Donald Mackenzie, and it shows all the cats of the vocalist Queen.

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